16 Mar Coronavirus Updates

Updated November 18, 2020

Your Patience and Understanding are Appreciated

We love caring for your pets and it’s why, throughout this crisis, we have continued to provide essential services for your animal companions.

To ensure the health and safety of our team members who provide that care, we are working with reduced staff. This means wait times may be longer than normal, and the phone might not always be answered as quickly as we might like.

We are asking for your patience and understanding as we continue to offer care while following direction from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and state guidelines. For the foreseeable future, we will maintain curbside care protocols and make our hospital accessible only to staff.

Curbside Pick-Up for Services

Please call us at 401-943-0500 from the parking lot when you arrive for your scheduled appointment.  A member of our team will come out to pick-up your pet, go through the check-in process, and then take your pet inside for their scheduled appointment.

In preparation for your pet’s appointment, please remove any clothing or harnesses from your fur baby. Our staff will meet you outside your vehicle as you assist us in transferring your pet to our care. We will provide a leash lead to transport your pet to and from the hospital. To ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff, we are unable to retrieve your pet from your vehicle.

Please be sure to give our staff a valid phone number where we can reach you in the parking lot.

Your Veterinarian will call you with the exam notes and recommendations prior to conducting services. Please note that our hospital phone number may appear as blocked or unknown on your phone. 

Once your pet has received their services, a member of our team will bring your pet back to you.

Food & Prescription Medication

Getting your pet’s medications, food, and other supplies is still very convenient—we can do it curbside by having you pay over the phone. 

You can also opt to utilize our online pharmacy and have your pet’s medications shipped directly to your home.

These modified procedures are the best way we know to provide services and minimize exposure for everyone. Our staff is working hard to make sure your pets get what they need, and we hope you’ll keep that in mind when you and your pet come to our hospital.

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or we can be of help in any way.

Additional COVID-19 Resources:

Coronavirus and Pets:

Currently, there is no evidence that companion animals can be infected with or spread COVID-19.

The canine coronavirus vaccines is only effective in protecting dogs against an enteric (intestinal) coronavirus infection and is not licensed for protection against respiratory coronavirus infections in dogs. This vaccine DOES NOT provide cross-protection against COVID-19.

For more information on COVID-19 and pets, please visit the American Veterinary Medical Association COVID-19 Page.

Download the AVMA COVID-19 FAQ For Pet Owners

Preparing Pets for Returning Back to Work:

Dogs and cats are creatures of routine. If you’ve been at home with them for weeks or months, they’ve gotten used to having you around all day. Before you go back to work, it’s important to prepare them. A gentle
transition will help make this change in routine as stress-free as possible.

COVID-19 has driven many families home to shelter and work. It’s also given us the opportunity to enjoy lots of extra time with our pets. Our animals may love this as much as we do – and for pets adopted in the past few months, this may be the only routine they’ve ever known.

Unlike us, our pets have no way of knowing when our at-home sheltering might be coming to an end. Before pet owners resume normal schedules, we need to help our pets get ready for the transition. Click the link below for 10 tips from the American Veterinary Medical Association to help prepare your pets.

Download the AVMA Guide to Preparing Pets for your Return to Work