Helping Pets Stay Warm and Safe in the Winter

Winters can vary in New England. Some years, temperatures are mild and it rains often, while others present mounds of snow and bitter, cold winds. Like people, pets can be sensitive to the temperatures outside. Pets’ needs are similar to ours in wintertime. Keep them warm, dry, safe and protected with these tips!

  • Try not to leave your dog outdoors in cold weather. If you leave them outside on nice warm days, make sure they have appropriate shelter, food and fresh water.
  • If your dog has a short coat, consider buying them a sweater or an overcoat. If your dog naturally has a longer coat, leave their hair long. It will provide great natural protection and will keep the skin from drying out. Products like Dermoscent can also provide more moisture. Bathe them less often as well to keep the skin supple and soft.
  • Consider running humidifiers in the house. They help pets during the winter as much as they help people.
  • Make sure to purchase pet friendly deicer for your walkway and driveway and pet friendly antifreeze for your car. The former can be an irritant to pets’ feet, and the latter can be deadly if ingested.

Give us a call if you need more help caring for your pet this season.